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The primary goal of our center is your satisfaction! As providers of hearing health care services since 1977, our greatest asset has been our ‘happy patients’.

Over the years, our satisfaction surveys have consistently shown that 99% of our patients were satisfied or very satisfied with our services.

Your evaluation in our office will be thorough with clear and precise information as to the specifics of your hearing loss and recommendations to address your unique hearing lifestyle needs. Our aim is to arrive at a beneficial solution at a price to meet your budget.

Your evaluation will consist of the following:

Medical and Hearing Needs Assessment

During your initial visit we will gather information related to your medical history and hearing lifestyle needs. The hearing aid specialist will then examine each ear for any signs of wax accumulation and/or abnormalities that may require an evaluation by your medical physician.

Hearing Evaluation

In our office, a comprehensive hearing test will consist of assessing you ability to hear pure tones at a variety of different frequencies to determine the degree and pattern of loss. Speech Testing is a second and very important part of the evaluation process, providing valuable information as to your ability to hear ‘soft speech’ signals. Speech Discrimination testing focuses in on ‘clarity’ for conversational purposes. Additional parameters tested are the ‘dynamic range’ for hearing, providing further information as to the overall hearing status of each ear and predictive benefit with properly selected and adjusted amplification.

Impedance Testing

This diagnostic test looks at the integrity of the auditory system. A probe tip is placed in the ear canal and a mild amount of pressure is applied with the purpose of evaluating middle ear pressure. The procedure is often performed when one or more conditions of the middle ear / & or eardrum are of suspect including but not limited to a ruptured or perforated eardrum, middle ear fluid, eustachian tube malfunction.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Following the fitting and programming of a selected set of hearing devices, verification of the benefit is the next step in the process through one or more of the following measures:

Real Ear Measurement / Speech Mapping – these are objective tests in which several measurements are made both unaided(without the devices) and aided (with the devices) to verify that the settings of the hearing devices are providing maximum hearing benefit

Sound Field Testing – speech testing performed in the sound room in a quiet environment and in background noise to evaluate the effectiveness of the fitted hearing devices in multiple listening situations.

Lifetime Follow-up Program

Care and maintenance of hearing instruments purchased at our center are covered for in-office service for the life of the devices. Services include regular hearing checks, preventative maintenance reminders twice a year and subsequent hearing aid adjustments when indicated.

Hearing aid repair and service

Our office provides hearing aid repair and service on all major manufacturer’s hearing instruments.

Custom Ear Protection

Our services include custom, specialty earmolds for musicians, recreational use, industrial use, swimmers and elevated noise annoyance (snoring).

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