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Bluetooth Connectivity

Blue Tooth is synonymous with ‘wireless’. Another term used today is 'hands-free' communication.

Our office offers a complete line of ‘blue tooth’ compatible hearing instruments, providing 'high fidelity' sound transmission for cell phones, landline phones, TV.

In every application, the wearer simply presses a button on a neck worn device called a streamer which sends the signal directly to his/her hearing devices.

With 'telephone' use, the speaker's voice is sent directly to both ears of the listener. In turn, the listener can increase or decrease the level of the person’s voice by pressing an up or down arrow as needed for optimal sound clarity without 'whistle' or 'feedback'.

With the 'TV' application, a small box is connected directly to the TV within minutes. The hearing device wearer, through the use of the neck worn streamer, can wirelessly route the TV sound directly to each hearing device. The volume on the TV can be set to any level desired by family members and the wearer can fine tune his/her setting independently.

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For those experiencing difficulty understanding at meetings, lectures &/or noisy surroundings, an 'external microphone' adaptation is available as a ‘low-cost’ solution to providing optimal hearing in noisy situations, providing clear speech for up to 30 ft. from the speaker.

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